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An hour on the sea

June 28, 2017

Three polaroids of us on a boat

At the weekend we went to Kingston for the afternoon to continue a friend’s 30th birthday celebrations, and decided to hire a boat! We only took it out for an hour, but it was so much fun to take it in turns to steer the boat along the Thames, through the arches of bridges and avoiding swans, boats and paddle-boarders. I was nervous at first, but thankfully the boat went slow enough to ease my concerns – it actually took a while to get used to as it would take a few seconds for it to catch up when you changed direction, and it was hard to trust that it eventually would. Here are a few photos from our afternoon.

^^The birthday girl enjoying our first time on a boat.^^

^^Me, successfully navigating the boat ;) ^^

^^Trout playing it far too cool! This guy was a real hooligan on the water.^^

^^Safety first ;) ^^

After our time on the river we went to The Terrace, a favourite haunt of ours from our university days, for the best sandwich ever: hummus, roasted peppers, olives, basil and rocket. It’s delicious. And I don’t know if I’ve had one before, but their soya lattes are good. Like, really really good.

table with sandwiches and coffee on

So that was our Sunday afternoon! Have you ever hired a boat? 

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