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Vegan beauty products I’ve been loving

July 9, 2017

As Superdrug re-launch their B. range – which I am so excited about! – I thought I would put together a little round-up of products that I love at the moment, from make-up to moisturiser, hair products to lipbalm.



One of my favourite lipsticks ever: Marks and Spencer’s Autograph lipstick in matte velvet Blush Pink. It’s so easy to wear during the day, and great to apply if you go for an unplanned drink after work when you want to feel a bit ‘refreshed’.


I’ve spoken about them before, but I am obsessed with Hurraw! lipbalm. It is absolutely the best lipbalm I have ever tried, and they come in so many different ‘flavours’. At the moment I’m carrying around Chai Spice every day, and in the evening I use Coconut.


Pure shea butter from Laughing Bird. Shea butter is a fantastic moisturiser; when I’m sitting in bed watching something, I’ll melt it with my fingertips and moisturise my hands and feet for a few minutes before I go to bed. It’s brilliant! I was using it in my hair, but have since done some research and it seems that you should not do this!

I’ve been loving Lee Stafford’s Hair Growth range! Sadly the shampoo & conditioner aren’t vegan, which I only learnt after I had purchased them, but the scalp scrub and scalp serum are, and I’m really enjoying those products. A lot of their staples are also vegan – I love their hairspray, heat protection spray and mousse. Drop me an email if you want the full list and I can forward it onto you.

What vegan beauty products do you love? I’m always on the hunt for new brands and products to try.

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  1. July 17, 2017 5:54 am

    I’m in team Hurraw for lip balms (I love the cherry tinted balm a whole lot) but I’m also partial to the Korres lip butter in Wild Rose. I’m also super into Lush’s Godiva shampoo bar, it smells amazing and makes even my over bleached hair manageable.

    • July 23, 2017 12:52 pm

      I’m completely addicted to Hurraw! I really want to try out some Korres products, but they’re so pricey.

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