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February 7, 2016

Woman wearing cosy knitwear and slippers, holding a mug of hot chocolate

Today the weather felt entirely different. It felt like the first dark night after summer, when the rain and cold have set in, and you start looking towards the next chapter of seasons. I’m not even quite sure why – perhaps it was the cold sunshine that stretched across our back garden, or the way it gave up so easily to the clouds, as though it knew its time wasn’t there, its place was elsewhere.

With a lengthy to-do list, the type that makes you quite nervous, with a pinch of determination and a hard slap to distraction, I balanced this list with making the most of a no-alarm-set morning. I surprised myself by going to bed at 1am and waking up at 8am refreshed. I refused to move for three hours. Trout brought me a bagel in bed, one side covered in marmite, Ras’ favourite. He bounded onto the bed trying to dive straight in, and while I pushed him away I ran a finger through a puddle that had fallen through the middle, and held it up to his nose. He really loves marmite.

The rest of the day has been a satisfying blur, the best kind of day for a Sunday, the best way to approach a new week. I believe that Sundays are for breakfast in bed. They’re made for making no plans at all, just a day at home with your to-do list. I believe that to-do lists should include things like catching up with last week’s newspapers and cleaning out cupboards. I believe that Sundays are also made for the occasional roast dinner at a pub with friends, and that you should always stay for at least another beer after your plates have been cleared. I believe that you should watch that extra episode of the Netflix series you’re watching, and that you should give up the idea that you should bake bread on a Sunday, because if you’re forcing yourself to make it, it just won’t taste good. That’s part of the science of baking.

I’ve been very quiet lately, and I’ve been trying to find the time to think, so here is what I thought about today. Forgive me for my absence.

New Years in Glasgow

January 5, 2016

To celebrate the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, Trout and I headed up to Glasgow for a long weekend. It was grey and rainy, but I wouldn’t have expected anything less. I pulled on a hat and big coat and braced the elements, and we made sure it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm (didyouseewhatididthere). I got some great recommendations before we left, and over the three days we ticked them off one by one.

There are so many restaurants in Glasgow! I couldn’t believe how many there were. And they all looked so beautiful. It was amazing for vegans – we were spoilt for choice, and luckily we made some delicious decisions. Here are some photos from our trip.

The sights

We found that there wasn’t a huge amount to do in Glasgow (apart from museums and galleries, which were sadly closed given the dates we were there). I really enjoyed the Necropolis, we found a lovely indoor market, and the Cathedral was beautiful – but there weren’t quite the number of independent shops that I thought there would be. Thankfully there was plenty of food to make up for it ;)

The food

Stereo cafe. I could have quite happily eaten here all day every day – the food was so.good. 100% vegan, and with a cracking beer menu, this was the perfect start to our trip. We arrived at around 3pm, dropped off our bags and headed out the door. I had a Turkish wrap – basically like a delicious kebab-type-thing with HAGGIS IN. Bloody brilliant. Trout had nachos with haggis on (we really got into the Scottish spirit of things!) and we shared a portion of buffalo cauliflower with garlic mayo, which was INSANE! Words cannot describe how good it was.

Mono cafe. Another 100% vegan menu, the food was really good (but not quite as good as Stereo). I had a garlicy Portabello mushroom burger with beer battered onion rings and Trout had the Banh Mi. Both were very good but the onion rings were so greasy, which was a bit gross. I would still definitely return, though. It’s opposite 13th note, another vegan cafe/bar/venue, which I wish we had had a chance to try but alas, New Years Day got in the way!

A beer flight at Brewdog. Such a fun idea!

Ushas. A street food inspired restaurant, the food was really good but it was let down by the service. We had the menus whipped away before we’d even finished ordering our food, and abruptly told that two side dishes and a portion of rice was enough for two people (it wasn’t) and we shouldn’t order a 2nd naan bread because one was enough (fair point). We picked the restaurant because they served vegan biryani (unheard of!) and vegan naan bread (the holy grail!) so we were really disappointed that we weren’t allowed to try the biryani. They mixed up my wine order, assumed that our change was to be kept as a tip (hate it when restaurants do that) and the naan only came halfway through the meal, after I’d reminded the waitress. Saying all of that, I would still go back because the food really was good – get the bullet chillis to start! – just be firm with what you want to order…

Have you been to Glasgow? What else would you recommend?

2015 – a year in one post

January 3, 2016

Looking back, 2015 was pretty amazing. It might have ended on a bum note, but putting together this blog post has really made me see that even though the shitty things were really shitty, the amazing things really were amazing. I travelled to some truly incredible places, and made some massive life changes. 2015 you were brilliant. Here’s why.

^^Packing up and moving out of Brighton. Buying our very own house. Moving in, having the locks changed, finding places for all of our things, slowly making our mark on the place. It was an amazing milestone to reach.^^

^^Getting stuff done around the house. That horrid scratching post carpet went as soon as it could have done, but not before we used it as a sanding area for our desk (which still isn’t finished, whoops).^^

^^Skipping forwards to March, a surprise trip to Bergen for our 13th anniversary. What a beautiful place – and we got to see some snow!^^

^^This guyyyyy *heart eyes*. Teaching his two nieces, and Ras, how to make pesto from scratch.^^

^^Spending as much time as possible with these two <3.^^

^^A day on the railway with my family.^^

^^Easter celebrations. I love having dinner at lunchtime!^^

^^Loving our garden and BBQ. It might not have been the sunniest of summers but we still got out there as often as we could.^^

^^Celebrating Trout’s 30th birthday in Cheddar Gorge and Bristol, going flyboarding, eating pizza and lasagne in bed, and walking around Bristol in the rain trying to find a roast dinner.^^

^^Saying goodbye to this guy. Even though I didn’t actually get to say goodbye to him before he left us for doggy heaven. Miss you Jasper x.^^

^^Catching up with Laura and meeting Finley.^^

^^Summer and Sultans Delights. Highlight of my Friday.^^

^^Working on the Moretti Gran Tour and the Tech4Good Awards. It was a stressful juggling act, but very rewarding and exciting.^^

^^The wedding of the year!^^

^^A Wilhelm Scream. I waited so many years to see them again! Plus all the other amazing bands I got to see in 2015.^^

^^The Azores. It’s an incredible place – go!! I’ve shared photos from our holiday here, here and here.^^

^^Chicago. Such a cool place.^^

^^The food in Chicago. Still dreaming about The Chicago Diner. Swoon.^^

^^A trip to the Llama Farm with my family (yes I know these are goats…).^^

^^Hallowe’en. One of the best days of the year!^^

^^A weekend in Manchester. Another city in the UK ticked off my list!^^

^^Thanksgiving dinner. This was delicious, even if I do say so myself, and I managed to whip it all up in about an hour and a half. I know we don’t celebrate it in the UK, but any excuse to eat something a bit different!^^

^^Our trip to Marrakech. One of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to. That holiday will always be really special to me.^^

^^Vegan Baileys. One of the best discoveries in 2015.^^

So those are my highlights! I’m sure I’ve missed loads of really good bits, but for now these will be enough to share with you. What were your highlights? How was 2015 for you?

Here were my resolutions for 2015:

Ethical clothing. Tick! I’m really happy with this one. It’s been tricky at times, and I’ve mostly just not been buying new clothes, but it was the most interesting, exciting and positive thing that I did in 2015, and something I’ll certainly be continuing.
Be patient, mindful and thoughtful. Maaaayyyybe. Or not.
Healthy living. Hmm. On the whole I would say no…
Cook more. Tick! Trout is so busy that I do most of the cooking, and I’ve been enjoying it so much! I’ve even whipped up a few of my own recipes, which I’ve loved.
Save more. Tick! I’ve been really militant with my savings, putting 10% of my paycheck in my savings account, and all of my freelance income, and it’s been a great way of having that bit of comforting money to fall back on. Plus buying a house is expensive, and it takes all of your money, so getting my savings back on track has been really important.

Here are my resolutions for 2016:

Clean little and often. Get rid of all the ‘stuff’ I don’t need. Invest in some baskets to keep all my shit tidy. Revamp the study from dumping ground to dazzling study/man cave.
Re-evaluate my blog. Why do I have it, what do I want to do more of, what do I want to do less of. Write more. Take more photos. Spend more time on it. Publish those drafts.
Use my time wisely. I think there is immeasurable value in letting your body do nothing, but there has to be a line and I’m creeping into lazy territory, and not enjoying it. My productivity needs a big boost.
Buy flowers more often. Because they really do brighten up the place.
Wear more grey. Branching out into a new colour palette in 2016.
Get back to charity shop shopping. I used to do it ALL the time, but stopped while I was living in Brighton as the charity shops, on the whole, are pretty crap. Haywards Heath is much better!
Keep saving, and be thrifty throughout the month. Does anyone else tighten the purse strings as the end of the month approaches? I’m going to try to pretend every day is the day before pay day, and see what kind of impact it has on my finances.
Be less negative, and kinder to myself. Positive thinking, please.
Read more books. I did really well (for me) in 2015, but I’m going to try to read at least 10 books in 2016.
Get rid of the coffee table in the lounge. Words cannot express how much I hate it. I’ve had it for six years, it’s the cheapest, crappest IKEA table you can imagine (I think it was £6 or £8…) and it’s marked and old and gross and I JUST WANT IT GONE. But we keep it because there’s not much point in replacing it until we know what kind of layout our lounge will have. Which makes sense. I suppose.

Phew, that’s rather a lot!

I can’t help but think that 2016 will include some amazing changes. I would love to crack on and get some more things done around the house – there might even be a wall coming down! Decorating it will be so cool. Au revoire boring pale yellow. Also, let’s get the garden tidied up.

Happy New Year! What are your resolutions for 2016? Do you do anything special as a new year begins?

Photos of the Week #51 and #52

January 2, 2016

WEEKS 51 AND 52 OF 52

Happy 2016! This year is finally here (I’ve been counting down the days, it was a much needed change), and here’s the closing photos from 2015. I’ve bunched them all together, right up until the very last day of 2015, because in 2016 I won’t be putting together these weekly round-ups. Although I’ve enjoyed capturing daily moments over the past two years, I’ve found myself, sometimes, reluctantly putting them together, often later than I would like, occasionally rushed, and usually with a strange sense of duty. I’ve also decided to focus more on ‘spontaneous’, inspired blogging, and writing, rather than weekly (or fortnightly…) photo dumps. It’s just one of the changes in progress as I embrace this nonsensical ‘fresh start’.

I think that I will probably put together a reflective blog post of 2015 (yes, it’s been done before, by everyone, but there’s something very reflective about considering what you want to do more of in the new year, and what you need to let go of and leave behind in the year that has passed) – it was fun to see my most popular Instagram posts from 2015 (you can find it on my Instagram page here), and I would like to hold onto some good memories from the year, as right now December was shitty (come to think of it, so was some of November) so let’s change it around. Here’s what I got up to at the end of 2015.

^^Our office Christmas party. The place we went to made a special menu for me, which was pretty darn good. Those three dips were yum! The party finished ridiculously early (7pm? Really?) so a few of us took ourselves into town for a couple of rounds of cocktails, which turned out to be one of the funnest evenings of the year. Got to love random nights like that.^^

^^Homemade gingerbread cookies. Perfect for Christmas.^^

^^Christmas lunch!^^

^^Vegan Baileys! Served in my super cute Dooley’s tumblers. A sweet friend bought these for me around 10 years ago – do you remember Dooley’s? It was my obsession when I was around 18 – and it was amazing.^^

^^Breakfast in bed. Nothing super exciting, but sometimes you need to be brought a buttery slice of toast and hot coffee when you have a cough that won’t. leave. What WAS amazing, was being treated to smashed avocado on toast, courtesy of Mr T the next day. What a dreamboat.^^

^^Homemade hot chocolate, using one of my Christmas presents from Trout – Montezumas hot chocolate discs laced with orange and ginger. Holy moly this was good! Enjoyed wearing my new Esprit jumper, a gift from my parents.^^

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, filled with good food and sweet presents. What are your Christmas traditions? Do you spend it in a family-only zone? I’ve made the most of this time off work by getting on with cleaning and tidying around the house. I really need to get better at cleaning little and often, rather than spending an entire day cleaning all three floors of our house at once. 2016 is the year I become a domestic goddess.

How was your New Years Eve? We spent it in Glasgow, and I’ll share some photos in another blog. Happy New Year!

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THIS WEEK. 2016!//Back to work//Making plans.//

Photos of the Week #50

December 14, 2015

WEEK 50 OF 52

How is your Christmas shopping going? There’s still some time left, but I can’t help but feel some mild panic! Thankfully I’ve got a bit more annual leave left, and only a few more gifts to buy, so it should all be ok (she says, trying to stay calm…).

Here’s what I got up to last week.



^^Christmas dinner with friends. Every year we organise a Christmas dinner to exchange gifts and wish each other a merry Christmas. This year we went to Food for Friends, and it was really good. Any meal that starts with Prosecco and ends with port is going to be good though, right?! I was so sad that Trout couldn’t make it, but we all faced time him before the meal and passed him around the table, which was fun.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

^^The last few weeks have been hard, but I decided it was time to make an effort and dress up for the evening. I had a voucher for a free style at my local salon, so I asked her to pop in a victory roll, and I love it so. Plus the curls held all night!^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^A few of the candles from my Advent Calendar. I bought a plate to keep them on from a charity shop, and although you can’t really tell, it’s so beautiful. Cream with a gold trim, perfect for my candles.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^Our Christmas tree <3 Trout came home on Sunday night and we pretty much went straight out and bought a tree. We spent the afternoon drinking mulled cider (me) and red wine (him), decorating the Christmas tree, eating twiglets and watching the worst of the Christmas movie channel. It was kind of perfect.^^

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THIS WEEK. Taking part in Gabriella’s series, ‘What Vegans Eat‘. Keep your eyes peeled!//More Christmas parties.//

Photos of the Week #49

December 12, 2015

WEEK 49 OF 52

Week 49! Can you believe it? Christmas is so close, and 2016 is creeping closer, it’s crazy. But then I’m pretty sure everyone is saying the same thing ;) Everything’s getting a little festive around here, and I am absolutely loving it. I’ve been so lucky to be invited to so many Christmas gatherings already, including a cookie decorating party, and hosting friends for a Thanksgiving II dinner with some of Heston’s toffee apple mulled cider (!!!).

Here are some photos from last week.

^^What a cutey.^^

^^Our Christmas set-up! I’m on the hunt for some Christmas bunting to hang across the mantlepiece – any tips? Maybe I should make my own? You might spot Rasputin’s stocking on the right – I mentioned last week that Ras broke into his stocking, which is why it’s no longer hanging up. He keeps meowing at where it once was though. Silly cat.^^

^^Yankee candle advent calendar! Yankee candle advent calendar! My Mum is the best. Trout is also the best – he got me a Moo Free advent calendar, aka the best vegan chocolate.^^

^^Caught in the act. Bloody cheek.^^

^^On Wednesday Trout and I went on a little mid-week date to see Black Mass at the cinema, and then to eat hotdogs from Beelzebab at their newest residence – at The Hope. It was the perfect evening. The film was pretty good – I love anything that’s based on a true story – and anything that ends with pulled ‘pork’ fries and battered pickles, with the best mustard mayo. I highly recommend.^^

^^This guyyyyy. A lazy morning/afternoon spent in bed with my two favourite boys. I love it.^^


LOVE. C H R I S T M A S //Mulled cider//Being really lazy at the weekend. No shame.//
LINKS. Naomi’s morning with her sister – it looks so much fun!//This recipe for S’mores hot chocolate (!!!). I’ve had such a craving for hot chocolate lately!//
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A Vegan Christmas Gift Guide

December 10, 2015

Are you in full-on present buying mode? I am. Whenever I’m in town or browsing online I’m thinking, could that make a great gift for that person? What else can I get for that person? Have I bought enough?!

To help those of you out who might not be vegan and don’t know what to buy you vegan loved one, or it’s your first Christmas being vegan and aren’t sure what you should put on your Christmas list, I’ve put together a gift guide for vegans, young and old. There’s anything from stocking fillers to gifts for the men in your life, or a treat you should give to yourself, because Christmas can be stressful. I hope it helps!

Sweet tooth

^^How amazing is this magical cracker by Jealous Sweets! I think it would be super fun to use as both a place setting and as a gift. Definitely a stocking filler.^^


1. Tangy worms//2. Sour beans//

Jealous Sweets


For those that prefer chocolate over sweets…

Personally I prefer both. All together in a bowl. Here are a few sweet treats that you cannot go wrong with – I have tried all of them and cannot pick a favourite.

1. Chocolate santa//2. Vego bar//3. Booja Booja truffles//4. Ombar chocolate//



I thought for a long time about whether I should divide the men and women gift guides, and in the end I did separate them – but feel free to look at them as just two gift guides filled with beautiful products.

1. Green people gift set//2. Kaffe Fassett body wash//3. Powder brush//4. Wilby wallet//



As you can probably tell, I’m a sucker for packaging (hello #2, swoon) and a sucker for bamboo anything.

1. Bulldog travel set//2. Organic wash + shave//3. Bamboo socks//4. Green people gift set//



If you prefer not to buy children chocolate and sugary treats, I’ve put together a gift guide especially for them.

1. Mickey Mouse handwash//2. Farm store playhouse//3. Fairtrade red bus//4. Solar space fleet!//


This post was written in partnership with Ethical Superstore

This is Your Cookbook

December 6, 2015


A couple of weeks ago two sweet friends came over for dinner. They had exciting news, and we had curry, so it was the perfect evening really. They are two of the most inspiring and driven people I know, and it was an exciting evening of talking business, family, friends and news. Recently they launched This is Your Cookbook, which is just such an amazing idea. You design your own cookbook, including the cover artwork, the name of the book and a personal note in the front, and then you choose a whole bunch of recipes that you think they will love. It’s perfect if you’re a crazy mix of vegan/non-vegan/gluten free/dairy free/just love food!

I was so excited when they gave us our very own cookbook – look how beautiful it is! They also included a photo of the four of us in the front of the book, which is so nice.



Go and check out This is Your Cookbook – it’s perfect for Christmas!



Photos of the Week #48

December 5, 2015

WEEK 48 OF 52

I hope everyone’s enjoying the start of December, and the countdown to Christmas! Oh I do love this time of year. Picking out gifts for family and friends, organising Christmas parties, drinking mulled wine and mulled cider, eating mince pies. It’s such a special time of year. Have you decorated your house yet? Trout won’t let us decorate until at least the second week of December (*sob*) but at least I have the advent calendars to cheer my up. My Mum bought me a Yankee candle advent calendar – best idea ever!? – and Trout bought me a Moo Free calendar, so I’ve got the best of both worlds this year. I didn’t buy Ras one as he is chubby enough already, and I always forgot to give him his daily treats anyway (I know, bad cat Mum) so I decided to pop a couple of pouches of Dreamies into his stocking and give him a few every so often. Big mistake – he’s usually so good when there’s any food around – but he yanked his stocking straight off the mantlepiece and ate almost an entire bag of treats. Ugh! No more stocking for him.

Anyway, here’s what I got up to last week. It’s entirely food – what else would you expect?! – so enjoy, and I hope it doesn’t make you too hungry. Happy December!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^Happy Thanksgiving! The day before we randomly decided to celebrate thanksgiving, either with a traditional meal or an NFL-junk-food meal. I decided to go the traditional route, and whipped up ‘turkey’, mashed potato, green beans in garlic with almonds and breadcrumbs, roasted carrots and sweet potato in maple syrup, cranberry sauce, stuffing and biscuits. Yum!^^

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

^^Lunch at Street Diner, courtesy of Sultans Delights. Yum!^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^I spent Saturday morning running a few errands in town, and came home to this amazing bowl of soup. Trout made a hearty cream of mushroom soup, and it tasted so good – the perfectly lunch for a cloudy afternoon.^^

Perfect comfort food as the temperature has dropped and the wind has picked up.

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Warm Christmas punch

November 30, 2015

In my final year at university I lived in a house that had no heating. Not in a ‘we’re-students-just-thrown-on-another-jumper‘ kind of no heating, more like, ‘gas-does-not-exist-in-this-house-so-deal-with-it‘ kind of no heating. I soon learnt to get changed incredibly quickly, to switch on the little electric heater in my room 30 minutes before I planned on going to bed. To congregate around the slightly larger heater in the lounge, and to try not to burn yourself on it. When I got the deposit back from the previous flat we lived in, I invested in a blanket from John Lewis, and it’s still one of my most prized possessions. I love it so.

During the darkest winter months, shivering around the kitchen table in a desperate bid to finish my dissertation on time, whilst waiting patiently for the end of January to arrive so that I could pick up Rasputin, I discovered mulled winter punch. Every morning, before I had even picked out an outfit and planned which coffee shop I would be picking up my morning latte from, I made myself a warm mug of winter punch. And every evening before bed I would make myself a mug to send me to sleep, and fight the cold that set in once the sun had gone down. These were chills that not even Rasputin’s sweet kitten fur could remedy.

Shortly after graduating and moving to a (slightly) warmer home, I had long forgotten about it, and when I did remember, I couldn’t find it. Finally I managed to track it down on Ethical Superstore! I was so happy to see its sparkling label looking back at me. I dilute the punch with hot water, and it’s the most comforting wake-up call you could ask for, and the perfect goodnight kiss. As winter progresses, and we approach Christmas, treat yourself to a bottle. You won’t regret it.

This post is written in collaboration with Ethical Superstore.

Photos of the Week #47 – A Marrakech special!

November 29, 2015

WEEK 47 OF 52

This week’s Photos of the Week is dedicated to Marrakech! We hopped over to Africa for a weekend of winter sunshine, and I absolutely loved it. It’s a truly amazing place. I didn’t take a lot of photos – most of the time it felt as though as soon as you took a photo, someone would claim that they owned whatever you photographed and would demand payment! I turned my phone on flight mode and didn’t connect to the WiFi in the riad – and I have to say, it felt really good. Arriving at Gatwick and getting in the car, I braced myself as I turned aeroplane mode off, but it wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be, and I saved a lot of work-related ‘stuff’ until Monday, which helped.

Here are a handful of photos from our trip. Oh how I want to go back!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^We stayed at Dar Akal, a traditional Moroccan riad about 15min walk from the main square. Seriously, if you go to Marrakech stay at this place. It was so beautiful, romantic and special. The host was amazing – when we arrived we had tea and sat with him while he talked us through a map of the area, highlighting places to visit, how to get to places and some general tips on the best way to enjoy Marrakech. It gave us a brilliant start to the trip, giving us context for where we were staying and where we wanted to visit first. The road had a stunning rooftop terrace and pool, where we enjoyed breakfast when the weather was sunny, and a peaceful private lounge where we enjoyed a meal in the evening. Breakfast was included in the price of the room, and we paid extra for our meal in the evening, which was traditional (I think!) Moroccan food, made vegan especially for us.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


^^The main square in the Old Town. This was amazing during both the day and the evening. During the day it has market stalls and traders, plus monkeys in football shirts and nappies, and snake charmers. It’s buzzing with life. In the evening you’ll find much of the same, plus food stalls, magicians, storytellers and more.^^


^^Tea and an espresso in a cafe on the main square. I had spent most of the afternoon fighting nausea, but two espressos sorted me right out. See, coffee really can solve all of life’s problems.^^


^^The view while I sipped my espresso.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



^^One evening we decided to have dinner in our riad, and it was probably the most romantic meal we’ve ever had! The table was scattered with rose petals, the fire burned next to us and candles were dotted around the room. After our meal we played draughts and card games, it was the perfect evening.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^We had a trio of these antipasti/dips – courgette, tomato and aubergine. They were all really good. ^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^Next up was a tagine, and finally fresh strawberries, all washed down with a beautiful bottle of Moroccan wine. ^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^On the first day we stumbled upon Earth Cafe. I had researched it before we arrived, but quickly realised that it would be fairly impossible to try and find anywhere so we didn’t bother. Fate brought us together! The food is all vegetarian, with a vegan menu, however it was only OK. If you’re concerned about eating out then this is a safe bet, and fairly traditional. We had filo pastry in various shapes with grilled vegetables and dates.^^







^^A stork! They nest on the top of the building (GIANT nests!?!) and it was pretty cool to see them so close.^^




^^So many beautiful tiles.^^



^^Beautiful tiles, everywhere!


^^Because the weather wasn’t super warm, I was completely covered up anyway, but I didn’t get any hassle while I was in Marrakech. I don’t know how different it would be if you were out in a vest top or shorts, but as it was 15c while we were there I always had trousers and a cardigan on. Definitely bring some kind of espadrilles with you – the roads are dusty and a bit grubby, and you need some sturdy footwear while you pound the streets all day.^^


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^On our last day we took a taxi to the New Town and explored Yves Saint Laurent gardens, which were really beautiful. It was good to explore this part of the city, but I have to say I definitely preferred staying in the Old Town. It felt more ‘real’ and exciting.^^



So there’s Marrakech! Have you been? What would you recommend? 

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Photos of the Week #46

November 18, 2015

WEEK 46 OF 52

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a lovely week. Well, as much as we all can given last week’s awful events.

Looking through my pictures it seems that all I did was eat last week! Not complaining, it included some pretty delicious dishes. Here’s what I got up to.

Tortilla bowl

^^Soft tacos, one of my favourite foods. I roasted up some squash in cumin and coriander, and made some guacamole, and we had some hot sauce on top and tortilla chips on the side. Yum!^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^Churros! Tesco sell these in the frozen section and they’re really good. I baked them in the oven then I tossed them in some golden caster sugar mixed with cinnamon, and melted some chocolate to dip them in. Yum!^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^The new and improved Jus-Rol croissants. They’re so much bigger! And the texture is better. When I saw the ‘new size and recipe!’ stamp on the tube I was worried that they weren’t going to be vegan anymore, but I’m pretty sure they are. Perfect weekend breakfast, yum.^^

LOVE. Getting the chance to work with some amazing brands//Accidentally vegan products (please see above)//Celebrating birthdays.//
LISTENING. Fiona Apple//Farewell Dear Ghost//Gnarwolves.//
LINKS. This competition with Great Plains – you could win a trip to Rome! Return flights, two nights’ in a hotel, breakfast, wine-tasting, spending money, hotel transfers and travel insurance. Wowza!//This sticky toffee pudding recipe. I made it for friends at the weekend and it was so good! Pretty easy to make, and great for a dinner party as you can make it ahead of time and re-heat it before serving.//Espirit have a vegan shoe collection!//
LAST WEEK. Dinner with friends//Lots of birthdays//Paris…//
THIS WEEK. Marrakech!//Rasputin’s birthday//Searching for summery trousers. Wish me luck!//


Vegan cosmetics – part four

November 15, 2015

Lately I’ve been trying out plenty of new-to-me products, from hair to skin to nails, and a lot of them I will definitely be buying again once they’ve run out. You can find my previous blog posts about vegan beauty products here, here and here, and below is what I’m currently using, and loving:


This foaming cleanser from Superdrug is amazing, and cheap! I highly recommend it. I think all of Superdrug’s own brand of cosmetics are vegan and cruelty-free, which is just fantastic given that the quality and price are so good.//I was given this tube of JASON brightening apricot facial scrub for my birthday and I’m in love with it – I’ll definitely be picking up another tube once this one runs out – it works really well, it’s all natural and it smells really good.//Tara Smith shampoo. I was given a set of her hair products for my birthday and really love them. I’m so sad that I’ve used them all up! Her range is completely vegan and cruelty-free, and it smells like you’re at a salon, bonus points.//



B. at Superdrug is an entirely vegan and cruelty-free range of cosmetics, and I’ve been using them ever since they launched. I’ve mentioned the Day Cream before, but I’ve also been using the Night Cream and the two together are fantastic – my skin is really soft, and they last for a really long time. Also, they’re often on special offer, making them even more affordable.


Barry M products are almost all vegan, and all cruelty-free. They list their vegan products on the website, which is super helpful, and most of their nail polish range is vegan.


I’ve written about Eden Perfumes before, and here’s the bottle of faux Viktor & Rolf that I bought at VegFest. As you can see, it’s nothing exciting, but the main things is it’s vegan, cruelty-free and £15. What more could you ask for?! OK maybe a lid that isn’t wonky, but really, who cares.//


Hurraw lipbalm! I was given this lip balm for my birthday (seriously, best.friends.ever) and I love it almost as much as the coconut one. This one gives you a slightly tinted lip, which I love, but it does soak in much quicker than the coconut, which is a shame because I would like the tint to last a little longer.//

Vegan cosmetics.png

DISCLAIMER: I’ve been using this Fudge heat protection spray, BUT I can’t find any details online of whether it’s vegan. It’s definitely cruelty-free, and smells amazing, but I don’t want to tell you it’s definitely vegan, because I just can’t be sure.//

So, that’s what I’ve been using lately. Which vegan and cruelty-free products do you love? Any recommendations?

Photos of the Week #45

November 9, 2015

WEEK 45 OF 52

At the weekend I went home to see my family and to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. We went out to the Llama Park near where they live, aka my sister’s idea of heaven. It’s a really fun place to visit – you can buy food for the animals and feed them, and there are loads of super excited llamas (obv), alpacas, goats, donkeys, birds, sheep, horses and REINDEER! Here are a few photos from our day.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^Goats! Did you realise their eyes look like that?! So creepy! They were clambering on top of each other trying to get food, and you can kind of see the babies being trampled on. Mean goats.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^There’s a llama on the loose! It was kind of scary//kind of amazing to see this one sitting in the middle of the path. As we approached her/him we weren’t sure if he/she was going to be scared/angry/happy but he/she ended up being really friendly. Maybe they were trying to be a bit gangster like this guy and managed to clear the fence? I hope they weren’t hurt!^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^More little llamas. It’s so fun feeding them!^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Reindeer hooves

^^Rudolph’s feet! They were so cute. I don’t know why I’d never noticed before, but reindeer have the most amazing feet. I learnt so much yesterday.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^Chilling out with Ras and a bowl of sweets. Perfect way to relax!^^

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Did you go out to see any fireworks? We ended up staying at home for the evening – it was awful weather here, and we both got home so late from work, so excuses excuses excuses. On the plus side there were some more fireworks on Saturday night, which played out at exactly the right spot so that we could watch them from our bed. Perfect!

LOVE. Finally buying a new book (The Ice Man by Philip Carlo) and giving up on the one I’ve been forcing myself to read for weeks. Have you ever done that? It feels so unhealthy to force yourself//Starting my Christmas shopping//Trying to get back into meal planning.//
LISTENING. Johnny Cash//Conor Oberst//Counterpunch.//
LINKS. I’m a complete YouTube-er novice, but there’s something I love about Ingrid Nilsen’s videos. She’s so cute! Her video on DIY room scents + sprays is perfect for Christmas presents//I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I LOVE Hurraw!’s range of raw lip balms. They make the best lip balm I’ve ever used, and the coconut one smells incredible. Again, perfect for Christmas presents.//
LAST WEEK. Evil Dead Trilogy//Llamas//Narcos. Have you watched it? It’s on Netflix and it’s AMAZING. We smashed the entire season in a mere matter of days (this is very fast for us. It’s the first time we’ve ever ‘binge-watched’ anything!).//
THIS WEEK. Dinner with friends//Catching up with family//More Christmas shopping!//


Photos of the Week #44

November 2, 2015

WEEK 44 OF 52

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^On Monday I took the day off to spend with my sister in her classroom, and helped decorate it for the new term. I made this owl! Can you tell I have a degree in fine art? It’s SENSORY!^^

Caviar 2

^^Well-earned vegan caviar and Champagne. Champagne was lovely, caviar was rank.^^


^^Reason 147,562 why I love Brighton. Waiting at the station for Trout, a guy sat down at the piano and played a few tunes. The guy to the left joined in to sing, and then produced a guitar out of his bag, and the two women on the right joined them as backing vocals. It was amazing! The best way to end the day.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^One of my favourite meals, tortilla bowl. They’re so much fun to put together! I made roasted squash, coriander rice and guacamole, and when Trout came home he made these amazing refried beans and baked the bowls. Pile everything on with some hot sauce and tortilla chips on the side – yum!^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^I LOVE HALLOWE’EN. It’s such a good excuse to dress up, chuck on a load of blood, eat weird food and celebrate everything horrific. I was counting down the hours before I could start getting ready on Saturday!^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^Dressed as Madeline O’Malley from The Innkeepers.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^Patrick Bateman from American Psycho and Madeleine O’Malley from The Innkeepers.^^

Halloween food

^^Party food!^^

Halloween mist

^^We took some photos out in the field. It was so foggy, when the flash went off it created this amazing illusion.^^

Halloween car

^^I think this one might be my favourite!^^

I hope everyone had a fun Hallowe’en! What did you dress as? 

LOVE. My new diffuser. It’s oatmeal & vanilla and sitting in my bathroom and it smells SO GOOD!//Meal planning//Writing.//
LISTENING. Regina Spektor//Cat Power//Flatliners//The Menzingers.//
LINKS. Fanny Zanotti’s countdown to Christmas. Get ready for advent!//
LAST WEEK. Hallowe’en//Christmas music//Joanna Newsom.//
THIS WEEK. Beelzebab’s Big Winter Fair in Brighton//Going home to see my family//Extreme Film Society post-Halloween review meet-up.//


Dreaming of Christmas treats

October 29, 2015

Christmas is approaching (Christmas! Christmas!) and I’m starting to think about parties and what to wear. Ever since I began my quest for ethical-only clothing I’ve been super selective about what I buy. Generally I’ve been working with what I already have, mixing things up and trying out new outfits, but this year I think it’s time to treat myself to something special. I always try to pick pieces that will work in a number of ways, and for a number of different occasions, so being able to dress up an outfit for work or a party, and dress it down for a cinema date or Sunday roast with friends, is exactly what I’m looking for.

I’ve got quite a few Christmas parties to go to this year (our office Christmas party, my freelance Christmas party, Christmas dinner with friends and, of course, the big day (week) itself) so I need an outfit that will work for all of them, or at least some of them. Obviously I’m not complaining!

The outfit

Great Plains dress


I love the quilted geometric design on this dress – the colour is beautiful and the shape is really fun. This dress would work really well paired with a bright pair of tights, or with classic sheer or black tights and a pink heel. It’s definitely on the smart side, but I think the grey gives it a subtlety that means it’s still versatile.//

Two outfits

Dress//Top + Trousers

You KNOW I can’t resist an oversized dress! There is something so cute about this one – the sleeves are a great length, as is the skirt, and the polkadots make it really fun.//I love this look – short trousers, ankle boots and a smart top. It’s casual, it’s smart, it’s cool.//


The accessories



This coat looks perfect for both day and night. The colour is classic (and called toffee!), the pockets look amazing (that totally changes everything, right?) and it works with both jeans, black leggings or layered over a dress and tights. Plus it isn’t wool!! It’s like a dream.//Nothing like a bit of sparkle for a night out!//I love the cut-out design in this fairtrade necklace.//A pair of classic black heels. Can’t beat them.//

And of course, you also can’t beat coming home after a night in heels and getting straight into some comfy pyjamas…



Buying ethically can be tricky at first – it’s kind of like going vegan. When you first embark on the adventure it can feel like you’re constantly researching and checking and sighing, but I’m slowly gathering a bank of brands that tick all the boxes. Everything I’ve featured above, as far as I can possibly tell, is ethically sound. Let me know if you have any other suggestions in the comments below. Happy festive shopping!

This post was put together in collaboration with Great Plains. 

Photos of the Week #42 + #43

October 27, 2015

WEEK 42 + 43 OF 52

Where did the past two weeks go?! I feel like I’m being so slack with my weekly photos – they seem to be piling up quite quickly. Must remember to get my act together sooner. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks. OH! And it’s only a few weeks until Christmas. Can you believe it!! Time to start making my Christmas cake and planning our annual trip to Liberty with my sister.

The weekend before last we went to Manchester for a brief visit. It’s been on my to-visit place for so long, so I was really happy that we were finally ticking it off. We just happened to be there at the same day as the Northern Vegan Festival (were Trout’s vegan-senses tingling when he booked it?!) so we popped in when we got there and had a look round. We happened to be staying at the hotel the event was being held out, which was even more of a strange coincidence! The hotel, however, was AWFUL. Let me just say that you should never ever stay at the Saches hotel. EVER.

Anyway, here are a few photos from before, during and after our trip.

^^A simple dinner and research for our next trip.^^

^^Pain au chocolate and coffee in bed. Yum! We picked up some pastries from the Fair and they were amazing. I don’t know who made them, though! Any clues?^^

^^I LOVED the architecture. All those empty factories and warehouses. Oh to live in one *sigh*.^^

^^Lunch from V Revolution. I really liked this place but Trout wasn’t too keen, so it’s a mixed review from us.^^

^^On Saturday night we ate at Mowgli, an Indian street food restaurant. Everything tasted so good, and they had their own separate vegan menu. I would definitely recommend eating here if you’re in Manchester or Liverpool.^^

^^Coffee//Tea//Cake//Loaf at the Arts centre.^^

^^Lovely street art found on the way to a gig in the evening. We went to see Kathryn Williams, who had been asked to write and perform an album of songs in response to the 50th anniversary of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. It’s one of my favourite books, and Kathryn certainly did it justice. Afterwards she had a Q&A with Rachel Cooke, another brilliant woman in the arts, so all in all it was a lovely evening. AND it was in a church, which is my favourite way to see any live music. Have you been to the church in Highbury & Islington in London? Wowza, that place is incredible.^^

^^Last Saturday a friend organised a girls-only afternoon tea. It was so much fun! Catching up over homemade vegan sausage rolls, sandwiches and scones, as well as champagne and fizzy fangs. This girl knows how to put on a good spread!^^

^^Autumn-cleaning our bedroom. It always feels so good to get rid of all the magazines that pile up and old cotton wool balls and plaster wrappers and other bits + bobs that sit around for ages.^^

LOVE. Travelling//Catching up with emails (sorry if you’ve been waiting…)//Making plans.//
LISTENING. The Bronx//Mariachi el Bronx//Green Day.//
LINKS. How one man shook up his daily routine//Hey Natalie Jean documenting her move to the country. Makes me want to do the same! Kind of…//London Grumblr. I’d forgotten how brilliantly funny it is.//
LAST WEEK. Manchester//Nerd Nite//The Great Fishless Steak Crisis of 2015.//Back to the Future Day!!//Girly Day on Saturday//Extra hour of sleep on Sunday *yesss*.//
THIS WEEK. Hallowe’en!!//Joanna Newsom.//

I hope everyone’s having a great week!

Photos of the Week #41

October 13, 2015

WEEK 41 OF 52


I hope everyone is having a great week! The clocks will be rolling backwards soon, so I’m soaking up as much pre and post-work daylight as possible. It’s already dark as I creep down the stairs in the morning, and as I walk home in the evening it’s starting to become darker. I’m not complaining too much though – I’ve been wearing my favourite jumper dresses, and looking at my boots longingly, promising that I’ll wear them soon. Whilst sipping on hot apple cider. And finally opening that box of iced mince pies. Here’s what I got up to last week.

Documentary on Broadmoore

^^I tucked myself away in bed the other night to watch a documentary on Broadmoor, and Ras came to join me. He is getting cuter as the days get colder. Especially if I feed him when I get up, rather than before I leave – then he loves a good purry cuddle on the sofa while I have my coffee. Heaven.^^

Vegan cheese toastie

^^Vegan cheese toastie using our beloved Daiya. I can’t get enough of them at the moment! That might just be my laziness speaking. And my love of Daiya.^^

Meat Liquor Brighton vegan

^^Meat Liquor in Brighton, dinner with friends. Might sound like an odd place for a vegan to go, but they list their vegan options on the menu and they were pretty good! A burger, buffalo seitan wings, fries and onion rings (which were amazing! The garlic dip was rank, though).^^

pa amb tomaquet

^^Pa amb tomaquet for breakfast, made with home-grown tomatoes from Trout’s Mum. I also made bruschetta with these beauties – now if only I could grow my own!^^

Vegan caviar

^^Vegan caviar! The only photo I took at VegFest, because I was too busy stuffing my face, and this was too bonkers not to snap! Did you go to it this year? It was huge! We were queueing for so long, but it was worth it. I was cheese toastie heaven with Follow Your Heart, and picked up some chocolate, a cookie sandwich from Ms Cupcake, and some perfume from Eden Perfumes.^^

Zombie Walk London 2015

Ronald McDonald zombie zombie walk ronald mcdonald

Brick lane curry house

^^Drinks in Soho with the Zombie Walk, and curry on Brick Lane with friends after VegFest. I’m sad I missed the Zombie Walk in Brighton, it’s always amazing! I look forward to finding some photos.^^

LOVE. Eden Perfumes*//Home-grown tomatoes//London//
LISTENING. The Ordinary Boys//This new video from Gnarwolves//Cat Power. So gutted I missed out on tickets for her London dates, and we’ll be in Manchester the weekend before she plays, where there are tickets available. *Sob*//
LINKS. This list for a new decade, by Meg Fee//
LAST WEEK(S). VegFest//Dinners with friends//Rain/Sunshine//
THIS WEEK. Manchester (any recommendations??)//Catching up on rest//A random lecture on Thursday. I’m sure I’ll report back next week as I can’t remember the details right now!//

*I’d heard so much about Eden Perfumes – they’re a 100% vegan perfume company that don’t test on animals, and can re-create pretty much any fragrance. I was a bit skeptical, especially as I don’t really like the idea of ripping off other people’s fragrances, but at the same time it’s almost impossible to find cruelty-free perfume. I sniffed a few samples at VegFest and wasn’t too impressed, until I tried Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb (one of my FAVOURITE perfumes) – and it was amazing! I snapped up a 30ml bottle for just £12. Definitely check these guys out – they are based in Brighton and Hove, but you can order online.

Autumn excitement

October 11, 2015

Autumnal flowers

I recently read Bleubird’s list of things that she was looking forward to about ‘fall’ (autumn), and goals for this period in the year, and thought it was a lovely way to welcome in the new season. Our months seem to blur into one long year of miserable weather, punctuated with the odd spell of sunshine and sandal wearing, but this autumn I am hoping to embrace what is soon becoming my favourite season.

(If it even ends up being a season, and not a wet and windy run-up to Christmas.)
(Christmas! Christmas! I am so excited!)

Eating // Roast dinners and home-made soup
Drinking // Warm spiced apple cider and gingerbread lattes
Practicing // Yoga
Mastering // The art of planning ahead. Over the years I’ve gotten much better, but I’m not great…
Learning // To switch off my phone more (difficult in the job I’m in!)
Trying // To get my Christmas shopping finished as early as possible
Playing // More new music
Finishing // All the books I’m halfway through! 
Reading // Christopher Berry-Dee, Meg Fee, and more about gangs
Remembering // To keep to a Christmas spending budget ;)
Wearing // Tights and thick dresses.
Cooking // New dishes. Not sure what yet
Working // On my blog more
Travelling // A lot. Over the next year we have so many plans, and I am beyond excited
Wanting // To learn more, to read more, to try new things
Watching // More documentaries

What are you looking forward to over the next few months?

Photos of the Week #38, #39 and #40

October 6, 2015

WEEKS 38, 39 AND 40 OF 52

Here’s another round-up from the past few weeks – at some point I’ll catch up with everything and post them up weekly, as I should be!

^^I went to my very first professional rugby game! And witnessed my very first haka! It was very exciting.^^

^^After the rugby we went to The Prince George, a veggie pub in Brighton, for a good old roast dinner. This was pretty darn good!^^

^^Delicious chocolate.^^

^^My most recent read. I really enjoyed it – the writer has a great ‘un-bias’ position with the twins, even though they asked him to write their biography. Plus any excuse to have Tom Hardy in bed with me.^^

vegan manicure brighton

^^Trout’s Mum bought me a voucher to get my nails done at The Final Nail for my birthday, so I decided to squeeze in a manicure before we flew to Chicago. I absolutely LOVE it! I was initially thinking of just getting a smart and simple colour, but looking through their Instagram page I spotted these cats and knew I had to have them. I think this might become a regular habit…^^

^^A Pornstar Martini. I felt like a bit of a pratt ordering this, but it tasted so good! Vanilla vodka, prosecco, passionfruit – what’s not to like?! It also came with a chaser of prosecco, which was quite random.^^

^^This guuuy!^^

^^More cats. Look at their little feet!^^

^^Don’t judge me… I am so excited about Christmas!^^

LOVE. To-do lists. More than ever, especially as I’m starting to think about Christmas presents//New books//Skittles.
LISTENING. Sex Jam//Fucked Up//Ian Fisher//
LINKS. This piece of writing by Meg Fee, on ageing.//This piece of writing by Sophie, on running a creative lifestyle blog//These cat print loafers (!!!)//
LAST WEEK(S). Rugby//Cats//Food//
THIS WEEK. Dinner with friends x 2//Bake Off Final//VegFest London!//

I hope that everyone is having a lovely week. Autumn is here, isn’t it? I feel my way to the bathroom in the darkness when I get up in the morning, and am a bit on edge as I walk home alone in the evening, in darkness, and I’m testing the water with an extra layer here and there. We’ll be changing our clocks very soon, are you excited? What are you looking forward to in autumn?

Chicago – The Food

September 30, 2015

Now let’s get onto the good stuff – what we ate! Chicago is a super vegan-friendly city with so much choice. I loved being able to order what I fancied and try new things, rather than the only vegan option available. And Americans do their junk food RIGHT! Here’s a round-up of what we ate…

The Chicago Diner vegan vegetarian

^^The Chicago Diner. From the minute I discovered it, I was so excited to try this place. Any time I asked someone what they recommended we do in Chicago they would say, You know about the diner, right? Oh yes indeed. We ended up going to both locations, and a total of three times. No regrets.^^

^^The Breakfast Combo with a pancake. I normally frown upon the whole sweet/savoury thing Americans have going on with their food, but they gave me an extra plate so I really just got a massive cooked breakfast AND a pancake, so it was a win/win situation for me. Plus, free coffee refills! Heaven. By the way, underneath that giant pancake is a whole heap of cubed potatoes with fried pepper and onion (or ‘hash’ as they described it. It’s not hash! Whatever. It was good, either way). Oh, and Trout had a chocolate cookie dough peanut butter shake. You can only imagine how good that was… He also got a salted caramel shake on our third visit which was amazing, too!^^

^^A few days later we stopped off for lunch – I had one of my favourite meals in the world, a reuben. Swoon. The third time we went I had the Mickey Muffin with extra seitan bacon (which was insane, by the way) and Trout had the steak and ‘eggs’ (tofu). You basically can’t go wrong with this place.^^

^^The next stop for us was Handlebar. How have I never had fried pickles before!? They are so good! And ranch sauce – why don’t we have this over here? I couldn’t find a vegan version in Whole Foods but I’ll certainly be making my own on a regular basis.^^

^^I had the Sambal Tofu (it must have come with at least an entire packet of tofu in it!) which was really good. Quite heavy on the sriracha, and very filling, just like everything else we ate in Chicago…^^

^^Next on the list we have Kitchen 17. This place was kind of strange. They only have room for 16 people to eat at one time, so be careful when you choose to go there. I think we must have picked a bad time to go because it was a bit of a mess, everyone was cleaning their own tables, and people were waiting a long time for their food. We must have gotten lucky because we grabbed the last seat and got our food pretty quick – unfortunately it wasn’t that great, though. Not awful, just not as good as we were hoping. We shared a plate of nachos, Trout had a philly cheesesteak sandwich and I had a chicken club sandwich, which confusingly came in a bun. It’s worth a visit, but if I came back to Chicago I probably wouldn’t make another trip there. Saying that, the pizzas did look gooood.^^

Not pictured, but certainly deserves a mention, is Native Foods, one of the best places I’ve eaten in America (we went there a lot on our last trip). I’m still dreaming of their oatmeal cookie sandwich. Holy yum that was good. And their ‘chicken’ – crazy similar to how I remember chicken being!! Because all of the portions were so big we only ate one – maybe two – meals a day, and usually didn’t finish either of them. I forgot what hunger felt like! We also did not manage to get to Fritz Pastry, which was a real shame as I had heard rave reviews of their espresso creme filled donuts. Never mind. And of course there’s Whole Foods and Trader Joes to stock up on Daiya and Field Roast goodies and vegan ‘fluff’. We dropped $50+ on our last day…

So that’s where we ate! Anything I missed that you would recommend? Add them in the comments!

Our time in Chicago

September 28, 2015

plane flying above

We’re back from Chicago! I am jet lagged to the eyeballs but wanted to sit down and write a bit about our trip before we have dinner and fall asleep again. We landed at 7.30am this morning (1.30am in our brains), picked up Ras on the way home (he pooped in his box as we were pulling up outside our house. Thanks for that…) and then headed up to bed for a ‘strategic nap’, as Trout put it. A few hours later it’s been a confusing day but we’ve done a big food shop and the laundry is on so we’re slowly getting back into the swing of things. Kiiiind of regretting not taking tomorrow off work, but let’s see how it goes…

6.30am on our first morning in Chicago. We ended up going to bed at 7.30pm on the evening that we landed, we couldn’t keep our eyes open a minute longer. We had dinner at Native Foods and I stared at the menu for about 15 minutes unable to read it or make any kind of decision, so we knew it wasn’t going to be an eventful first night! And by the way, their ‘chicken’ is amazing. Seriously. It freaked me out how much it reminded me of chicken. But food will come in another post – for now, here’s what we got up to.

Trump tower and hotel in Chicago

under train tracks chicago

My dream car. She’s a beaut!

^^Us being total punk-venue-tourist-geeks outside the Fireside Bowl!^^

^^One evening we went to see The Sandlot being played on the top of a Whole Foods roof. It was so much fun! I’d never heard of this film before, but it was really good and obviously a classic I completely missed!^^

go cubs sign in shop window


^^The view from 360 Chicago.^^

^^Nosebleed seats for the ice hockey!^^

So that was our time in Chicago! It’s a great city, with so much to do and see. I definitely recommend going to see some sports – the ice hockey was crazy! There were fights, everyone stood up for the national anthem, and the Blackhawks one so everyone was super happy. Is there anything else you would recommend that we missed? Stay tuned for everything that we ate while we were there!


Photos of the Week #35, #36 and #37

September 14, 2015


Most of the photos I’ve collected over the past couple of weeks have popped up in my Azores posts (catch up with part one/two/three/four) but here are a few more from before, during and after our holiday. Including birthday cupcakes!

^^Birthday cupcakes from Ms Cupcake, a gift from two sweet friends. They are just SO.GOOD.^^

^^My birthday presents from work! Amazing. I was completely and utterly spoiled, and cannot WAIT to use my Terre a Terre vouchers.^^

^^Breakfast bucksfizz! Is there a better way to start your birthday? Well, apart from being woken up by a face full of glow-in-the-dark balloons, obv…^^

^^Trout took me up to London to see The Lion King, followed by dinner at Theo Randell for my birthday! It was such a fun day, even if it did rain a LOT. The Lion King was absolutely incredible – I mean, I knew it was going to be good, but this completely took my breath away. Thank you Trout! <3<3<3^^

^^Shopping at our local supermarket in the Azores. Look at all the Um Bongo!!^^


^^Chilling out in the sunshine by the sea. Look at how amazing the clouds are! Crazy.^^

^^We found a cafe on the seafront in Ponta Delgada called Vitaminas – their salads were amazing, and such good value. You pick a base (either pasta or lettuce) and then choose either three or five toppings – including soya meatballs! Plus a super tasty dressing. I think these bowls were about 5 euros each. We ended up going there a couple of times as it was a great location and very tasty indeed.^^

^^Beautiful flowers!^^

^^Trying to get work done once we had returned home, and Rasputin was just too cute. We picked him up at 9am on the Sunday and he was glued to us for most of the day. Oh I love him!^^

^^On Monday I went to the private view for a new installation in Brighton station, for the Brighton Digital Festival. Pop down and check it out! Link below with details.^^


^^Croissaaaaants. The best foods to come home to ;)^^

LOVE. Travelling.//Coming home to our whiskerface.//It being just cool enough to eat soup, whilst still being warm enough to go for a wander at lunchtime.//
LISTENING. Astpai.//Creeper.//Spookey.//
LINKS. The Waiting Wall – a digital installation at Brighton Station, as part of Brighton Digital Festival.//This recipe for fruit + nut frozen yogurt bark by Laura. I need to veganise this ASAP!//This article on the refugee crisis happening right now.//
LAST WEEK(S). Holiday.//Birthday (I’M 30!)//Manchester Orchestra <3//My 10-year veganniversary!//Legend.//Seeing Astpai.//Research for Chicago – any tips and tricks I should know about?!//Evenings with friends.//
THIS WEEK. Mark Thomas.//BrightonSEO.//Rugby.//

9BAR: The Power of Seeds + The Power of Deeds

September 12, 2015

The folks at 9BAR recently got in touch asking me if I would like to try a few of their new products, and to find out a bit more about the company. One thing I actually really love about blogging is discovering that truly good brands really do exist – like White Stuff. Companies that I never knew were doing amazing things in the world. And 9BAR are one of them.

They recently went through a re-brand (which, by the way, I LOVE), and with that came a new campaign initiative. The Power of Seeds + The Power of Deeds. Think the foodie version of TOMS – for every bar sold, they provide a night’s clean, sustainable energy for a child in Africa through their partnership with SolarAid. Find out more here.

Since we got back from holiday I haven’t had a chance to do a proper food shop, so have been very thankful to have these at home! I picked up a few Provamel yogurts and have been having one with a bar at my desk when I get to work, and I can’t believe how full I am all morning! It sounds odd, but I usually have a big breakfast and am hungry by 11.30am. Not this week! They come in a whole range of flavours – peanut + raisin was one of my favourites but I ate it before I had a chance to photograph it. Whoops.

Have you tried the new 9BAR range? What did you think?

The Azores – panoramic photos

September 11, 2015

I don’t ever really think about taking panoramic photos, but while we were at the Azores I couldn’t get enough of them. Almost everywhere you looked there was something you wanted to capture, all around you. It was like surround-visual-beauty. Is that a thing? Here are a few of my favourites.








^^I love this last one because it contrasts the industrial building with the beauty of the lakes below.^^

I’m still catching up on the last couple of weeks and trying to put together the Photos of the Week that I’ve missed! Hopefully I’ll be able to get my shit together soon. I can’t believe that this time last week I was cycling around a beautiful lake, and coming home to hang out with a whole family of ducks. Not that I’m complaining – so far it’s been a pretty awesome week, including a trip to the cinema to see Legend! Oh, Tom Hardy. Wowza. He is such an incredible actor! And did you see the amazing stunt that the film’s marketing team pulled on The Guardian’s two-star review? Bravo to them *applauds*. Hope everyone is looking forward to a lovely weekend.


The Azores – part III

September 6, 2015

On Thursday we travelled up to Lagoa das Sete Cidades, driving up to the top of the mountain before dropping down to the bottom, to the two lakes. In my research before we arrived, thanks to Instagram, I had seen photos of an old abandoned hotel and was super intrigued but didn’t really think too much about it. When we were at the top of the mountain we ended up driving past it, so had to stop. Plus the view was supposed to be amazing looking down.


See, totally worth it! That’s the funny thing about the Azores. The weather changes so frequently that in the space of around 30 minutes this cloud and fog has passed, and you could see down to the bottom.


The woods behind the hotel were really beautiful. I think if you came at night it would be beyond creepy, though – the stuff of Blair Witch, haha!


I think this might have been the entrance to the carpark. It was the first part of the hotel that we explored, and super creepy!! With the heavy rain fall the night before, the building was so full of water that it was constantly pouring out of different places. The murky darkness and graffiti didn’t help, either. I think because it was the first part that we explored, I wasn’t really used to the building or what it might be like. Thankfully the actual hotel was ok!

Here’s a short video to demonstrate the creepiness.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



The front of Monte Palace. It was built in 1986, and closed 18 months later due to bankruptcy. It’s so sad to see someone’s livelihood (and perhaps their dream? I don’t know if they were investors) become so dilapidated. I’ve watched videos and seen photos of how it was when it first opened, and although it’s super 80s you can see how decadent and luxurious it once was – especially for the Azores, which is much more… down to earth? Someone came to visit shortly after it had closed, and they said it was like time had stopped there. The tables were fully laid, with silver service cutlery, and the beds were all waiting for guests. Since then they had guard dogs around the building to stop people coming in, but over time they left and people are free to explore. Here are a few photos from our time there.



As we walked around the outside we started to hear this music – I think I must have been slightly on edge as I thought it was coming from inside the building, but it was just a car driving past…


^^This photo has no filter on it – everything really was that green! The strangest part was walking around the carpet in the hallway of the 1st floor. It was soaking wet, and had a spongey feeling under your feet. The walls here are covered in moss and mould, and nothing was left of the rooms. No furniture, no bathrooms, no glass in any of the windows. I guess over time everything has been ripped out and sold, or stolen for personal use.^^


^^The view from the top of the first floor. We only explored this far – I would have liked to have gone up to the 4th floor and out onto the roof, but I was too scared…!^^

After we had explored for a while we drove down to the town and rented bikes so that we could cycle around the two lakes. They’re called the blue lake and the green lake – I think it had something to do with the depth? I should probably know that…


^^The weather, again, changed a lot. This was when we got about halfway round the first lake.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^I didn’t have my phone or camera with me, so we don’t have many photos from the trip round. Let’s just say it was a pretty surreal and breathtaking view! I was kind of sad that we couldn’t cycle completely around the lakes. Both of the paths ended around halfway, so we just had to turn around and head back to the start.^^


^^The street art is really nice, especially in Ponta Delgada, the main city centre.^^


^^These SHOES! Oh boy am I glad I bought them before we left. They were amazing. The bottoms had so much grip, they were perfect for trekking up and down mountains and cycling round lakes, whilst being really breathable, and water proof. It meant that I could pop my soaking wet post-hot-spring-swim feet in them and they didn’t go all soggy and smelly and gross. I heart them. Plus they are 100% vegan and made in Spain, i.e. not by kids being paid 11p, and I love how they look. I bought them from Vegetarian Shoes in Brighton, but you can also buy them online. I highly recommend them! ^^

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


On our last day we drove to Parque Natural de Riberia dos Caldeiroes, a natural park filled with beautiful plants and waterfalls.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Followed by a trip to a pineapple plantation!

OK, I’ll stop boring you with photos from our trip ;) – although I do have one more blog up my sleeve… I would recommend the Azores to anyone. It was the perfect place to relax and do nothing – or explore and walk around and see one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This was our home for the week, a cabin in the Vila Franca area on Sao Miguel. The island is so small that it really doesn’t matter too much where you stay (the price varies depending on how close you are to the airport, but we were around a 30 minute drive so it was fine). It probably takes around two hours to drive completely round the island, without stopping, so you get an idea of how small it is. We had a supermarket a couple of minutes away, which had everything you need – including Alpro goodies! You definitely need a car for your trip, but the roads are immaculately maintained, it was so quiet when we went, and everyone drives really slowly, so even if you’ve never driven anywhere outside of the UK it’s easy to pick up and get used to.

And now we’re home! We picked up Ras this morning at 9am, and he didn’t shit in his box, so if anything there’s a reason to celebrate! It felt so good to sleep in our own bed, the bed in our cabin was so uncomfortable, it was the only bad thing about the whole holiday! That and the sofa, also very uncomfortable. I don’t know whether it’s because the sun is shining but I keep walking around our house smiling – we’re home! And our house is so lovely, and our bed is so comfy and Ras is here. On top of that, we had a tube of croissants in the fridge, and I made one with chocolate in. What a way to start a Sunday. Now I’m supposed to be getting on with freelance work – I’ll start in a minute, I promise – before making some kind of dessert for friends who are joining us for dinner this evening. Ras keeps following me around the house, he is being so cute. He was sat on my lap earlier – making it really easy to work ;) – but now he’s sleeping at my feet. Oh I do love this cat <3

You can find more photos in part I and part II of my Azores blog posts.

Have you been to the Azores? What did you think?

The Azores – part II

September 4, 2015

A few days ago we drove to Caldeira Velha to visit the hot springs. It was so beautiful – it almost didn’t seem real! The natural beauty of it was kind of breathtaking. Everywhere you looked there were luscious green plants and natural streams – and the hot springs themselves? Wow.


This is the hot spring – it was so lovely and warm! We shared it with a few other people, and it was so relaxing. We also took a dip in one of the cooler springs, and sat underneath a waterfall as it pounded us with warm water. It felt like we were in Peter Andre’s video for Mysterious Girl.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We didn’t spend too much time in the cooler springs – it was actually pretty cold! – and got out to try the hot springs. I’m so glad we did it this way round, otherwise the cooler springs would have felt freezing! You kind of had to not concentrate too much on the water too, as it was quite murky with bits of grass, tree and who knows what else.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Afterwards we drove down to Ribeira Grande, the nearest town. It was very quiet (well, almost everywhere we went was quiet to be honest!) and peaceful to walk around. All of the houses were immaculately kept (again, the same as almost everywhere we’ve visited) and everyone has a small square religious painting hung outside their front door.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Check out this disco church! It wasn’t lit up, but it was pretty cool. We stopped in this square for a beer, and were given a cup of beans to eat with our drinks. They are called tremocos, and tasted kind of like salty butter beans. We had no idea what we were doing, but as we were given a second empty cup we assumed we had to peel them. We peeled back part of the casing and popped them into our mouths. Kind of strange, but not bad!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^Afterwards we walked down to the beach. The waves were so strong! Perfect for surfing, if you fancied it.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^We’ve been cooking for ourselves every day, mostly because there are nearly no restaurants here. And where we have found them, the menu has been – meat, seafood, other fish. Not a vegetable in sight (and I do believe that if there were, it would be cooked in meaty juices), so it’s just been easier to cook at home. We brought a few things with us, including a packet of fajita seasoning. It’s certainly made it cheaper than eating out, although that wouldn’t be expensive either. The fruit and veg here are so much better than back at home – the nectarines have been perfectly ripe in the morning, really delicious.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^On Wednesday it rained ALL. DAY. Torrential rain, hour after hour. I was getting kind of frustrated – I wanted to explore! – but at the same time it was nice just to spend the day at home reading, hanging out, painting my nails, showering at 4pm and watching episodes of Workaholics. But still, I would rather have been exploring…^^

I’ve got more photos to share from the past couple of days, but I’ll save them for another blog post. You can find part I of our trip here, and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram as I post more photos over there.

The Azores – part I

September 1, 2015

Hello from The Azores! I’m calling this part I because I’m pretty sure I’ll need to split these up – we arrived late-Saturday night, and I’ve already taken 50+ photos and four videos…! From what I’ve seen so far, the island is so beautiful. Lush greenery everywhere, beautiful plants and so many places to explore. This is our third full day on the island, and here’s what we’ve been up to so far.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Plenty of walking and photo -taking.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


^^These flowers have popped up everywhere.^^


Yesterday we went on a boat trip in the hope of seeing some dolphins and whales. The trip was meant to last three hours, but we ended up being out at sea for around 4.5hrs as they were nowhere to be seen! Finally we found some dolphins, two families, and it was amazing. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t see a whale – although we did see one big turtle floating about by himself!



You can also find a video of the dolphins on my Instagram page.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Afterwards we had lunch on the seafront at this great cafe that did amazing salads.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^I’ve been enjoying plenty of delicious meals, especially breakfast. We did a big food shop on Sunday, and I was so happy to find Alpro products! We picked up butter, yogurt and specaloos desserts. This fig jam was a gift from the owners, and really good.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset




We’ve had a whole bunch of ducks come and hang out with us every day! It’s been amazing to feed them, however they do love to poop on our terrace…


^^Beers and crisps out on the terrace.^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



^^The architecture is very similar here – these tall black and white buildings pop up in so many places.^^


^^Absolutely bonkers.^^


On Sunday we went for a long walk through the forest at Pico Do Ferro, walking from the very top of the mountain to the bottom, arriving at a lake and hot springs. It took us around an hour, and had quite a few scary moments! Like standing amongst these trees as they creaked and swayed around us, and walking down very steep ‘steps’ in the mud.



Apparently you can cook meals underground because of the boiling water and heat! We watched this guy pull out some parcels from the ground.


The lake was so beautiful, and after trekking through the forest for an hour downhill, dipping my toes into the lake was very much needed!

I’m not sure what our plans are for today – it’s meant to be raining, but then again it’s meant to rain every day! Lightning tomorrow, too. I want to visit the hot springs and small pools that you can swim in, and use the bicycles that we have here and maybe a spa day and another mountain walk. I’ll update when I can, but I’ll share more photos on Instagram, so follow me there if you like.

Have you been to The Azores? Any tips or places I should visit?

Photos of the Week #34

August 29, 2015

WEEK 34 OF 52

^^This is Trout’s Pimp My Salad. It was bloody huge! Bloody delicious, too. Avocado, tempeh, croutons, lettuce, walnuts, roasted potatoes, mushrooms. YUM.^^

^^On Friday I went up to London to see one of my favourite bands, A Wilhelm Scream. They were amazing – I can’t believe it had been eight years since I last saw them! Ridiculous.^^

^^On Saturday I had some friends and family over for a housewarming/birthday BBQ. I couldn’t believe how many people turned up, I was so chuffed. It was so much fun, and great to catch up with so many people – and I didn’t even get a chance to talk to everyone! I didn’t really take any photos either (I don’t know what’s happening with me lately!) so most of these are stolen from other people. I took this photo of Trout with his nephew and niece – they’re so cute!^^


^^Cutting my birthday cake//Claude came out to join the partyyy.^^

^^I love this one of me and my sister <3^^

LOVE. So many people coming round to see our new house and to celebrate my big 3-0! Especially friends that come straight from their honeymoon and turned up shitfaced ;)//
LISTENING. The Dear Hunter.//Manchester Orchestra.//Gnarwolves.//
LINKS. Vegan stereotypes vs the reality! Very fitting as I’ve just celebrated my 10 year veganniversary.//Pauper to Princess – my new favourite blog!//
LAST WEEK. Congratulations to Hayley, who won two tickets to VegFest! Thanks to everyone that entered.//A Wilhelm Scream. AMAZING.//
THIS WEEK. My birthday!//Countdown to our holiday!//Saying bon voyage to Ras as he has his little holiday at the cattery.//

Photos of the Week #33

August 19, 2015

WEEK 33 OF 52

Last week was pretty much wedding central. In fact, that’s all I took photos of (and even then I didn’t take enough…)

These guys never cease to amaze me. Well they do, and then I remember how awesome they are and realise that yes, of course, their wedding was absolutely bloody amazing. The kind of wedding where none of us can ever get married because it will be awful compared to this wedding.

^^Our Wedding Eve dinner – ‘fish’ fingers, chips and salad. Followed by a midnight snack of a vegan ‘cornetto’. All enjoyed in our pjs with pink wine. We were outside setting up in the rain until around 9pm, so it felt so good to be in our pyjamas relaxing!^^

^^Our amazing bridesmaids gifts, given to us on the morning of the wedding. The mother-of-the-bride made us some very special necklaces with cats on. It’s so beautiful, I will always treasure it.^^

^^The beautiful bride on her wedding day. Her dress was just amazing, look how stunning she looks! I couldn’t even get my words out on the morning of the wedding, there was nothing I could say to describe how beautiful she looked, and how perfect the wedding was going to be.^^


^^Bridesmaids and our shoes! Photos stolen from a fellow-bridesmaid.^^

^^Wedding car group selfie on the way to the wedding! We all had massive victory rolls in our hair. I absolutely loved mine! I wish I’d taken a proper photo of it.^^

^^The table settings! These took hours to put together, but totally worth it when it was finished.^^

^^Champagne for the toasts! Everyone was laughing and crying at the speeches. It felt almost surreal, watching two of your very best friends getting married, surrounded by friends, and other friends giving speeches and thanking other friends. It was just amazing. Did I mention how amazing this wedding was?^^

^^Almost everything was handmade. The groom set up this lighting and tea cup rig, using a ladder that’s over a century old.^^

^^The groom’s speech.^^

^^The evening felt like a festival – everyone was relaxing out in the field, enjoying food and homemade booze. I wish I had taken more photos, everything was so beautiful and the attention to detail was incredible, but the day passed in a blur. I can’t wait to see the official photos.^^

^^It all got a bit ridiculous by the evening, really. Especially when the Space Hoppers came out. You can kind of see my massive victory roll in this shot – I wish I could wear my hair like that every day!^^

^^My ‘Something About Mary‘ hair on Sunday morning.^^

^^A good old curry on the sofa on Sunday evening. We tried a new place round the corner and it was so good! I’m very happy that this town has so many great Indian restaurants.^^

Congratulations, Vicky + Tug! Love you.

LOVE. Seeing two of my best friends get married <3 //Dark chocolate.//The smell of good quality hand cream.//
LISTENING. The Avett Brothers.//A Wilhelm Scream.//Manchester Orchestra.//
LINKS. This article on six out of ten, on the shitstorm that was #BloggerBlackmail. Great to see it from both sides of the coin.//Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for VegFest London tickets!//
LAST WEEK. Weddiiinnnng!//Catching up with a friend after months of not seeing each other. She bought me the sweetest gifts.//
THIS WEEK. Birthday BBQ/house warming party at our house. So excited to see everyone!//A Wilhelm Scream on Friday.//Holiday prep.//

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